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                                                                                                                          Limited Time Offer!! Until 5/31/2018

                         The Perfect Kit for Allergy Season!


Allergy season is approaching as it turns into spring time. For those who suffer from pollen and allergies, this time of year can be hard.

Also, over the counter allergy medications can make you sleepy or experience unpleasant side effects such as headaches.

For those people who suffer from these symptoms, we have a special kit we would like for you to try!

It is the Pollen Resistance Kit.

We start off with two  herbal supplements that help the body to remove toxins more quickly. 

Also, it helps to strengthen our immune system, so that the symptoms are less likely to appear.

The third organic supplement helps to counteract allergy symptoms.


“Pollen Resistance Kit”  3 types of supplements for a special offer for $85!! (Regular price $108)


+KDY   Regular price $40 → $35 (Special price)
    Helps improve the flow of lymphatic system and detoxification. Helps reduce bloating.

+MSCLR  Regular price $40 → $35 (Special price)
    Herbal antihistamines help relieve runny nose and stuffy nose; amylase enzyme helps remove      toxins.

+ALLERPLEX   Regular price $28 → $25 (Special price)
   Contains Vitamin A and C which helps with runny nose, stuffy nose, respiratory system, and improves liver function to help relieve allergy symptoms.

                                                            Please try give it a try!!


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