Exercise Instruction

We advise various stretch methods, physical exercise, and muscle training along with your chiropractic treatment. This will help posture and improve your physical condition overall.

Recommended Exercises

Physical Therapy (FAKTR)

Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation FAKTR is treatment of soft tissues (muscles and ligaments) or rehabilitation technique based on the latest scientific research. It is effective for treating general musculoskeletal disorders (chronic conditions such as shoulder stiffness, back pain, joint pain), as well as, adhesions of muscles and fascia caused by injuries such as fractures and damages to muscle fibers and tendons.
Fascia Release: A treatment method using a special technique with a metal tool to return muscle fibers that are stiff and solidified to their original position and condition.
Joint Compression Floss: An exercise therapy where a special band is wrapped around the joint while performing light exercises to make the movement smooth by loosening the joint.
Biomechanical Taping: This is a taping technique that is personalized for each person, in which it will help with muscle and joint movement. Each person will carefully be diagnosed by assessing the structure of the patient’s skeleton, muscle, muscle fibers, and joints. It is able to decrease the stress on the body during exercise. By supporting fatigued and aged muscle and muscle fibers, improvement will be seen in performance and recovery.

Chiropractic Treatment for personal injury (whiplash, headache, etc.)

Whiplash by auto accident happens from injury of soft tissue (muscle, ligament, etc.). It generally takes approximately 3 months until soft tissue recovers and there is a great chance that your spine is out of alignment from the impact as well. This distortion may cause serious challenges in the future, if not treated immediately. Early-stage treatment, along with regular follow up care, will help to restore a normal position.

Dietary Consultation, Enzyme Therapy, Detox

Our body is said to consist of 37 trillion cells that are made from the foods we eat. For better health, it is important to consume high-quality nutrients, as your diet contributes to the success of your chiropractic care, thus helping your nerve flow and cell activation tremendously.
There is a need to regularly consume the 7 major nutrients (Protein, lipid, carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral, dietary fiber, phytochemical.) We ask you to keep a one week food diary, and we will analyze your intake and provide guidance for a balanced intake of these nutrients. By improving your diet, the effectiveness of the treatments will increase.

Detox Program

Everyday, we are exposed to toxins daily through the air and our food. Naturally, a healthy body will remove the toxins, but if we consume too many toxins or our body and organs are not functioning optimally, it can build up inside our bodies. The buildup of the toxins can destroys the immune, endocrine, nervous, and reproductive tissues, and eventually leads to diseases. In recent years, people who suffer from allergies have increased, and that has been thought to be linked to toxin buildup. The detox program will include a 3 week diet focused on vegetables and supplements that help support the detoxing organs. The supplements will be recommended according to each person’s body type. Also, an exercise regime and diet protocol with be provided, and the doctor will help support your 3 week journey.

Enzyme Therapy

In our bodies, chemical reactions are constantly occurring to support our lives. The key factor in these chemical reactions are enzymes. It acts as a catalyst for nutrients ingested from food and helps with digestion, absorption, metabolism, and excretion. There are two types of enzymes, “internal (latent) enzyme” present in the body and “external (food) enzyme” taken from food. Depending on your body type, everyone has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to digestion and absorption of food. For example, some person are efficient in digesting meat, others dairy products, some do not digest carbohydrates well… each person differs.
The enzyme therapy at our clinic includes an interview and questionnaire, palpation examination, and a 24 hour urinalysis, which will help analyze which nutrients (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals etc.) are excessively consumed or lacking.
We will analyze which organs are burdened, supplement the diet with external enzymes suitable for each person’s constitution, and we will try to improve fundamental constitution, treat diseases, and improve immunity. There is also a simple Enzyme Therapy program with just an interview and palpation only.

Massage Therapy (*by Georgia State certified massage therapist)

Massage therapy, not only acts as a stress relief solution, but also increases recovery from injury, offers pain relief and boots immunity functionality. Chiropractic treatment combined with massage therapy will create a complete treatment plan aimed for success.

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