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Exercise Instruction

We advise various stretch methods, physical exercise, and muscle training along with your chiropractic treatment. This will help posture and improve your physical condition overall.

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Dietary Consultation, Enzyme Therapy, Detox

Our body is said to consist of 37 trillion cells that are made from the foods we eat. For better health, it is important to consume high-quality nutrients, as your diet contributes to the success of your chiropractic care, thus helping your nerve flow and cell activation tremendously.

Detox Program

The human body receives various toxic substances; however, if you have a healthy daily life, the substances are digested naturally. When your body could not digest, the substances are accumulated. Then immunity, internal secretion, nerve, and reproductive tissues would be destroyed. Detox is the effective method to regenerate your healthy condition.
We offer a 3-week Detox program, which focuses on consuming mainly vegetables for 3 weeks along with supplements that help the detoxification and apply nutrients to your organs.

Enzyme Therapy

Enzymes are essential substances produced by a living organism that act as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction. Enzymes are important for digestion and absorption of food, as well as being important to processing it into energy. Enzyme Therapy will help to improve the functional element of enzymes by consuming supplements we customize for you, which help you to process the elements without any burden to your body.
Enzyme Therapy is the most innovative treatment keeping the function of your body and helps your health to be in its best state by using energy and detoxing your body. We will create a treatment plan that will include analysis, treatment and urinalyses (24 hours), which will identify a level of your physical functionality.

Chiropractic Treatment for personal injury(whiplash, headache, etc.)

Whiplash by auto accident happens from injury of soft tissue (muscle, ligament, etc.). It generally takes approximately 3 months until soft tissue recovers and there is a great chance that your spine is out of alignment from the impact as well. This distortion may cause serious challenges in the future, if not treated immediately. Early-stage treatment, along with regular follow up care, will help to restore a normal position.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy, not only acts as a stress relief solution, but also increases recovery from injury, offers pain relief and boots immunity functionality. Chiropractic treatment combined with massage therapy will create a complete treatment plan aimed for success.

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