Our mission is to assist you in obtaining long-term health by utilizing the most innovative and alternative techniques.

We provide custom chiropractic care for the following:

Back pain
Shoulder pain
Chronic illness
Foot and Knee Pain
Tingling/numbness of arms, legs, hands or feet

Do you suffer from any of the challenges above? If so, we can help!

Correcting spinal misalignment improves health by optimized nerve circulation, restoring blood, oxygen, and nutrition to each cell in the body.

Spinal misalignment causes various symptoms, and lack of exercise or poor diet causes physical disorders and the stress on your body. There are three areas that stress is coming from: physical, mental, and dietary.

Adjusting your spine will improve disorders and burdens of your body. In addition to adjustments, we offer various approaches to better ensure a healthier lifestyle from exercise instruction, massage therapy, and nutritional plans.


Please feel free to contact us for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation.

During the complimentary consultation, there will be a 10 minute interview regarding your condition along with an explanation about the treatment available at Atlanta Yajima Chiropractic.

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a system of holistic health care that focuses on the self-healing capacity of the body and the importance of proper nervous system function as a key to maintaining good health.


About Atlanta Yajima Chiropractic


The QSM³ Method

We practice the QSM³ and NUCCA methods, which are selected from more than 250 chiropractic techniques.

QSM³ is recognized as a dramatically evolved method among the upper cervical techniques. Because it is done with a very gentle touch, we perform the treatment on patients from infants and children to senior citizens. With QSM³, results are shown immediately after treatment. Additionally, for those who have joint issues, we perform extremity adjusting (CEA) which helps in improving your symptoms.


QSM is a technique that was developed using the theory of NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Association) which states that the misalignment of the upper cervical vertebra causes distortion of the spine. This technique not only focuses on the upper cervical vertebra, but the misalignment of the body as a whole. After getting an X-ray of the upper cervical vertebra and spine, a detailed analysis will be completed. Also, a posture check machine will measure the tilt of your body, weight distribution, and the height of your hip and shoulders to calculate the misalignment of your body. With QSM, your spine will be corrected, and as a result, your posture will also improve.

Our Chiropractic Treatment Method

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