Waiting room

待合室 The waiting room has aromatic fragrances making it a relaxing and pleasant setting.
Toys for children are available to make the wait enjoyable even for parents.

Adjustment room 1

施術室 Two advanced machines used to assist with the adjustments are both conveniently located inside this room to minimize the stress on the body during the treatment session.

Adjustment room 2

休憩、マッサージルーム (個室) Multipurpose room that is used for physical therapy, massage, and exercise therapy. It can also be used as a room to rest after a chiropractic treatment.


姿勢計測器 This precise machine will measure seven categories: weight distribution balance on each leg, hip and shoulder height discrepancy for both left and right side, neck, and head. The measurement is provided accurate down to the millimeters, and the machine has handrails for easy access.

Posture Grid

姿勢チャート The grid precisely measures any imbalance or misalignment of the body down to even small millimeter measurements.

Upper Cervical X-ray Machine

上部頸椎専用レントゲン装置 A special x-ray machine is specifically used for diagnosis of upper cervical misalignment.


Atlanta Office

5000 Winters Chapel Rd., Suite 1, Dunwoody, GA 30360

Take exit 31B from Interstate 285 and turn left onto Winters Chapel Rd. Our clinic is located in the Dunwoody Point Shopping Center on the left-hand side, next to Star Cleaner.

Sandy Springs Satellite Office

Alterna Health Solution
8800 Roswell Rd, Suite A-235, Sandy Springs, GA 30350

Take exit 6 from Highway 400, keep straight on Dunwoody Pl. The office is on the right-hand side along Hannover Park Rd., inside the Chattahoochee Ridge office building.

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