Yoshiro Yajima, D.C.

Dr. Yajima’s career in the chiropractic field began in his 20’s, after he suffered a karate injury after more than 10 years of training in the art. During that journey to recovery, his interest in health care increased, notably the importance of the holistic approach. Dr. Yajima became a Judo Therapist while working for an orthopedic clinic in Japan, where his commitment to finding more effective treatments through human self-healing techniques continued. With that, Dr. Yajima obtained his chiropractic education and board certification in the United States. Dr. Yajima practices the specialized techniques, QSM³, NUCCA, and, CEA while combining exercise therapy, introducing the “Yajima Method”. Dr. Yajima currently instructs karate classes (Shotokanryu-style Yajima Dojo), wherein teaches manners and mental strength through karate, and is married with 2 children.


1999 Yoneda Jusei Junior College
2009 Life University College of Chiropractic (COC)


2012 QSM³ (Quantum Spinal Mechanics 3-Upper Cervical Progressive)
2010 NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) GCA (Georgia Chiropractic Association)

Our clinic uses QSM 3 and NUCCA upper cervical spinal technique to provide painless treatments. In addition, we offer treatments such as detox therapy including dietary guidance and enzyme immunotherapy that heal the body from the inside. Combining the two aspects offer for a complete healing of the body. Extremity adjustment and Loomis Health Nutrition Certified.

Hiroki Kariya, ATC

Born in Osaka, Japan in 1986. Since he was young, he played multiple sports and soccer was his favorite sport. He chose his career path after taking Sports Medicine as an elective in high school. After he became a Certified Athletic Trainer, he worked with professional soccer teams, Division I universities, and high schools for over 10 years. He joined Atlanta Yajima Chiropractic in 2020. He is a Certified Kinesio Taping Instructor and possesses multiple certifications in sports medicine such as Blood Flow Restriction.


2009 University of Georgia graduated with BS in Exercise and Sports Science (Athletic Training)
2012 Georgia State University graduated with MS in Sports Medicine


2020 Emory Sports Medicine


2009 National Athletic Trainers’ Association
2010 Georgia Athletic Trainers’ Association
2013 Kinesio Taping Association International

He creates personalized plans for each patient, using the latest treatment methods to target specific injuries and reduce recovery time, or using these methods to create a holistic plan for improvement of general wellness.

Hikari Taguchi, MHA

In 1993, Hikari was born in Hiroshima, Japan and raised in Saitama Prefecture. She started playing soccer in fourth grade and made rapid progress due to her talent. In middle school, she joined the Japan Soccer Association and enrolled in an elite soccer training institution sponsored by Fukushima Prefecture. She represented Japan in the Asia tournament, and also represented Fukushima Prefecture and competed twice in a national competition. After graduating high school, she enrolled in Tsukuba University with a sports referral. While majoring in Sports Coaching, she played on her university’s Women’s Varsity soccer team. After graduation, she received a soccer scholarship to Clayton State University to pursue a Masters Degree in Health Administration and to learn about Medical Management. She became a member of Atlanta Yajima Chiropractic in April of 2020.


2016 Graduated with Bachelor of Sports Coaching from Tsukuba University, Japan
2019 Graduated with Masters of Health Administration from Clayton State University

Currently, she is working as a Fitness Wellness Coordinator by combining and arranging various stretches to create original stretches. She plans to use the years of experience as an athlete to promote body wellness and provide advice on body maintenance. She is also certified in Basic Chiropractic Assistant Training.

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