How we are dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 29, 2020

It has been an extraordinary few weeks as America faces historic challenges with the growing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. With more than 100,000 citizens testing positive for COVID-19, the United States has become the country with the most cases. It is more important than ever to practice social distancing to reduce transmission and keep each other healthy and safe.

We take your care, safety, and health as our top priority. We will continue to operate the clinic and treat those patients in need of chiropractic procedures. We will prioritize your safety by implementing the following sanitization processes:

  • Practice social distancing by scheduling appointments with more time between appointments so patients do not overlap.
  • Practice social distancing by having patients wait in their cars instead of the waiting room.
  • Requiring patients to wash their hands or sanitize their hands immediately upon entering the clinic.
  • Requiring patients to wash their hands or sanitize their hands before they leave the clinic.
  • Introducing the space to fresh air every hour.
  • Sanitizing all common touch objects such as door handles and faucet handles.

By following these procedures, we strive to protect the well-being of our employees and patients while providing excellent care and support.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we navigate our way through this unprecedented time.

Yoshiro Yajima
President of Yajima Chiropractic

Ms. F.N

As a blind woman I travel independently using a long white cane.  I started going to Dr. Yoshi one year ago.  I have seen great improvements in a number of areas.  I used to get sinus congestion and really bad colds, 4 or more times a year.  The coughing would last for weeks after getting over the cold.  After I started getting chiropractic treatment from Dr. Yoshi, I realized I only had one cold this winter and was over it, including the coughing in 3 days.  My immune system seems stronger.  I have more energy, better digestion, clearer hearing and no more pain in my knees.  My balance feels steady and my gait and walking speed is quickened and more relaxed.  I find that I worry less and definitely experience a heightened sense of well-being in my daily life.  It feels like my head is on straight now. (Smile)

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第5回 健康体操教室











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                         The Perfect Kit for Allergy Season!


Allergy season is approaching as it turns into spring time. For those who suffer from pollen and allergies, this time of year can be hard.

Also, over the counter allergy medications can make you sleepy or experience unpleasant side effects such as headaches.

For those people who suffer from these symptoms, we have a special kit we would like for you to try!

It is the Pollen Resistance Kit.

We start off with two  herbal supplements that help the body to remove toxins more quickly. 

Also, it helps to strengthen our immune system, so that the symptoms are less likely to appear.

The third organic supplement helps to counteract allergy symptoms.


“Pollen Resistance Kit”  3 types of supplements for a special offer for $85!! (Regular price $108)


+KDY   Regular price $40 → $35 (Special price)
    Helps improve the flow of lymphatic system and detoxification. Helps reduce bloating.

+MSCLR  Regular price $40 → $35 (Special price)
    Herbal antihistamines help relieve runny nose and stuffy nose; amylase enzyme helps remove      toxins.

+ALLERPLEX   Regular price $28 → $25 (Special price)
   Contains Vitamin A and C which helps with runny nose, stuffy nose, respiratory system, and improves liver function to help relieve allergy symptoms.

                                                            Please try give it a try!!


Enzyme Supplements News!

           〜Winter Special!!〜

2 Types of Enzyme Supplements Recommended for the Nervous System!

     Regular price $40 (1months supply) → $35!!


Have you ever heard of the term, “winter blues?”

This term refers to seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder.

Due to seasonal depression, the autonomic nervous system could become imbalanced making us feel less motivated, experience brain fog, insomnia, over sleeping, or over eating.

These supplements are great for you, if you’ve experienced fatigue or exhaustion in the last month or two.

Also, if you’re experiencing excessive sleepiness, lack of sleep, shallow sleep, or problems falling asleep, these could be signs of seasonal depression.

To improve seasonal depression, it is important to get one hour of sunlight per day and 30 minutes of light exercise every day.  Also, the enzyme supplements are very helpful.

★ For those who feel low energy and unmotivated…
  Improve the sympathetic nervous system and mental clarity by taking ADR!


★ For those with sleeping problems, always feeling tired and sleepy…   
 Balance the parasympathetic nervous system to improve quality of sleep by taking SLP!








冬の固くなってしまった体によく効きますよ。 隙間時間にお試しあれ!!

《🍌バナナ体操》 骨盤の歪みをとる運動

①良い姿勢で立つ   ②左の手首を右手で持つ


pic-exercise02_01 pic-exercise-banana02 pic-exercise-banana03

④反対側も同じように! ⑤両サイド1日20回ずつやってみよう!!


【🍎リンゴつかみ体操】 肩甲骨(けんこうこつ)の可動域を広げる運動



図1     図2


④そして、頭→肩→胸→腰→足のように手を低くしていく! ⑤1日5セットを目標に!!


Massages at the Chiropractor!

At our office, you are able to enjoy professional body massages!


Not only do massages have a relaxing effect on the body, but when the muscle tension is relieved, the blood circulation is improved.  Therefore, it greatly improves people suffering from cold hands and feet and insomnia.

If you have your muscle tension relived before a chiropractic session, the effects of the adjustment will last longer.


If you would like to enjoy a body massage without a chiropractic session, you are also more than welcome to come.


Our massage therapist is Yoko Chibana.


Appointments are required.

Every Week  Tuesday:8:00〜19:00