Full Marathon Challenge Record -Dr. Yajima -

On February 27th, I went to go participate in the Publix Atlanta Marathon, completing 26.2 miles (42.196km) in about 5 hours! Strangely, the 27th was my birthday, and I praised myself that it was a great run for my first time. It became a nice birthday present for me.

Unfortunately, it was actually raining on that day. The race started all at once in the freezing cold. As the race also started with the people running for the half-marathon, it was a lot of people until they finished their running.

During the race, I kept mind of my posture and abdominal breathing while I ran. My legs started to get painful after about 20km and couldn’t lift my legs from fatigue at around 30km, but I continued to keep aware of my posture (pelvic tilt), keeping a consistent breathing and pushed through. The moment I reached the finish line, I was full of accomplishment and excitement. However, at the same time, I also thought I would never want to run a full marathon ever again… The race itself and the long five-month preparation time was so strict and difficult.

Last October, I decided to take challenge of a Full Marathon in February and started training. As I am a Karate Master and a Chiropractor, I believe I did a decent amount of training every day, but I was not as good at long-distance running originally. At first, 10km was my max limit, but I continued to train and gradually increase the distance for five months. To be honest, it was not an easy thing to do. In addition to the 8km runs 2-3 times a week, a long-distance training every other weekend. I increased 5km every time, starting from 10km. Nonetheless, after a long-distant running on the weekend, physical maintenance was essential. In order to relieve my tired muscles, I received the SR Assist-Stretch and Theragun session to promote recovery from our staff, Hikari. Additionally, as I ran more and more longer distance, my knee that I have injured long ago started to hurt. I regularly consulted and was instructed by our other staff and athletic trainer, Hiroki, to correct my running forms and habits and to control my unbalanced muscles in my legs. However, even with this much maintenance and precaution, after exceeding about a 40km-running training, I hurt my leg joints and muscles. Even after a week off from training, the pain would not go away, so I tried the Kinesio Taping Treatment. I was very surprised and also grateful that the taping worked effectively, and I didn’t feel any pain at all.

More details on the treatment and trainings during the 5-month preparation period will be on the next month’s column from Kariya’s perspective. Look forward for it!

In addition to Hikari and Hiroki’s maintenance, of course, I also received chiropractic treatment. Unfortunately, I cannot treat myself, so I went to my teacher and mentor, Dr. Russell Freidman. He is also the developer and founder of the chiropractic QSM3 technique. Moreover, patients that invited me to run the marathon taught me the methods and orders of a full marathon, my wife supported in terms of my dietary habits and training times. Thanks to many people, I was able to successfully complete my first full marathon with the help of a lot of people! I also received many encouragements and messages from many people and lead to my motivation. I appreciate it to all of you. Again, it was hard to run long distance, but I was able to push through my limits, face my body thoroughly, feel and experience our services and treatment from a patient’s perspective, I was able to get out many great things from this experience. It is truly wonderful to challenge something no matter how old you get, and I thought once again that I will continue to take on challenges and new things every day.

In addition, our staff, Hikari also participated in this full marathon for the first time! Hikari’s challenge record and thoughts are published in our blog. She did such things like taking a 3D scan of her feet to renew her marathon shoes or buying a smartwatch to take record and for more rational training. I think it’s very interesting. Please take a look!









冬の固くなってしまった体によく効きますよ。 隙間時間にお試しあれ!!

《🍌バナナ体操》 骨盤の歪みをとる運動

①良い姿勢で立つ   ②左の手首を右手で持つ


pic-exercise02_01 pic-exercise-banana02 pic-exercise-banana03

④反対側も同じように! ⑤両サイド1日20回ずつやってみよう!!


【🍎リンゴつかみ体操】 肩甲骨(けんこうこつ)の可動域を広げる運動



図1     図2


④そして、頭→肩→胸→腰→足のように手を低くしていく! ⑤1日5セットを目標に!!