Ms. F.N

As a blind woman I travel independently using a long white cane.  I started going to Dr. Yoshi one year ago.  I have seen great improvements in a number of areas.  I used to get sinus congestion and really bad colds, 4 or more times a year.  The coughing would last for weeks after getting over the cold.  After I started getting chiropractic treatment from Dr. Yoshi, I realized I only had one cold this winter and was over it, including the coughing in 3 days.  My immune system seems stronger.  I have more energy, better digestion, clearer hearing and no more pain in my knees.  My balance feels steady and my gait and walking speed is quickened and more relaxed.  I find that I worry less and definitely experience a heightened sense of well-being in my daily life.  It feels like my head is on straight now. (Smile)

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