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           Winter Special!!〜

2 Types of Enzyme Supplements Recommended for the Nervous System!

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Have you ever heard of the term, “winter blues?”

This term refers to seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder.

Due to seasonal depression, the autonomic nervous system could become imbalanced making us feel less motivated, experience brain fog, insomnia, over sleeping, or over eating.

These supplements are great for you, if you’ve experienced fatigue or exhaustion in the last month or two.

Also, if you’re experiencing excessive sleepiness, lack of sleep, shallow sleep, or problems falling asleep, these could be signs of seasonal depression.

To improve seasonal depression, it is important to get one hour of sunlight per day and 30 minutes of light exercise every day.  Also, the enzyme supplements are very helpful.

★ For those who feel low energy and unmotivated…
  Improve the sympathetic nervous system and mental clarity by taking ADR!


★ For those with sleeping problems, always feeling tired and sleepy…   
 Balance the parasympathetic nervous system to improve quality of sleep by taking SLP!


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